Are you a first time parent, parent-to-be, or already have kids? Balboa Baby has some amazing stuff for you to choose from that you will need for the little ones that you have. My shopping cart cover is the best and love it!! Image11

I love my shopping cart cover from Balboa Baby, I got mine in the Sage Circles, it’s gender neutral, which works great as I have started babysitting from home and if I ever have a little one, it’s perfect for both a boy or girl.
When I took it out to use, it was so easy to put on the cart. My daughter, who is 2, was using it because well she is my little model, and she even liked it. It was very comfortable for her to sit in and she didn’t have to worry about the cold bars touching her back if her shirt would ride up and that is a big issue to her at times, she doesn’t like to be cold or cold things touching her. When we were done with our shopping, I was able to fold it all up and the great thing about it, it folds up into it’s own little bag! It’s easy to transport anywhere with you, you can use it in pretty much every shopping cart.

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