balboa baby adjustable slingSo, I thought I had all of the baby wearing devices I needed with the Bjorn and Moby but then I found about about the Balboa baby! It is completely different! It is basically just a sling that goes over your head and you can put your babies legs in it or they can hang out the other side. It is so great for shopping trips because it is the easiest thing to put on and if your little one is an explorer like mine she can see everything and grab for things too.

As you can see, Miss Capri grabbed the bag of spinach because she loves anything that makes that crinkly sound. Your not completely hands free with the balboa baby, you need one hand to make sure there head doesn’t swing all the way back.

After shopping a while in the sling, Capri falls asleep on me and I can slide the swing forward a little bit and pull it up over her arms and head a little to give her some more support. It’s really great to have in your car ready for an excursion.