I was rather excited to be given the chance to review a Balboa Simply Soft Blanket here; I don’t have any children right now, but my best friend is currently pregnant and she is very excited to be having her first child. I have been looking into great products and it is important to find really soft clothes and blankets for the baby’s tender skin. Balboa makes some blankets that many people have told me are really soft and perfect for a new baby. It is because of this that I was so excited to review their blanket.

Seeing as her baby has not arrived yet my roommate’s daughter was kind enough to dress up my baby doll in the blanket for me so that I could review this item. I will admit that I was very pleased with this blanket. I have felt many blankets and have not been very pleased with them because they feel so rough. I know that I personally hate rough blankets so I always hunt down really soft blankets for me to use around the house. This really is a simply soft blanket. I cannot think of a better way to describe this blanket.

My baby doll was made to mimic a real life baby which is why we chose to wrap the doll in the blanket. I wanted to see just how well a little one would be wrapped in it during the cold winter months. It did wrap around the baby quite well and also works great draped over bouncer chairs or laid on the ground for the baby to be laid on. I am one of those paranoid people who would not want to lay a baby on the ground even if it was recently cleaned. People walk there and I have no way of knowing just how dirty and germ covered the floor may be.

I did fall in love with this Simply Soft Blanket and I believe that my friend’s baby will love it just as much!

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