As a parent, your top priority is keeping your baby happy, healthy and comfortable.

If you are anything like us, then you are probably always on the go and taking your little one with you while you’re on the move…

Well, almost anywhere that is.

When you are on the go, keeping your baby comfortable isn’t always the easiest task since they are so sensitive to many different things…

That is why we created a versatile product that is designed to keep your baby comfortable and most importantly, happy.

What is it?

The reversible car seat canopy– a canopy that attaches to the top of your baby’s car seat covering him or her from the outside world.

How will this help keep my little one comfortable you may ask?

Our car seat canopy is extremely versatile and will help protect them for a wide variety of outside elements.

Sun Protection









A car seat canopy is a great way to keep your little one protected from the sun.

The canopy provides full coverage so it doesn’t leave your baby exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Our car seat canopies are breathable and allows air to circulate freely beneath the cover. This helps keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Winter Warmth







We’ve designed our car seat canopy to double as a blanket for cooler weather.

If your little one needs an extra layer of warmth, you can just pop the canopy off of the car seat and wrap him or her in it.

He or she will love how the soft 100% cotton blanket will keep them cozy.

Wet Weather









Juggle an umbrella and a car seat is not an easy task- we’ve tried it many times.

Either you or your baby ends up getting wet

Our car seat canopy helps your baby stay dry from the occasional drizzle.

However, we don’t recommend using this product during a major downpour.

Reversible and Dual Functioning

The best part about our canopy car seat is its dual functionality.

Not only can it be used as blanket, but it can also be a colorful play mat that you can use when on the go.

The reversible design on the Car Seat Canopy has two unique prints that you can choose between using.

The Velcro tab on the canopy ensures a universal fit, so pop it on your favorite car seat and you are good to go.

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