Top 7 Best Nursing Covers of 2023

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Some of the best nursing covers should be comfortable, breathable, made from cotton or other natural fabrics, and offer vast intimacy. Unfortunately, browsing for the right one can be time-consuming and a bit frustrating, so I’m here to help you find the best nursing cover you can afford.

The following list features some of the most popular nursing covers on the market. Regardless of your preferences and needs, I’ve got you covered. Remember to read the buying guide below because I filled it with useful details on how to find the right nursing cover for your little one.

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

Our Best Nursing Covers

  1. Lucine Multi-Use Nursing Cover (Best Overall Nursing Cover)
  2. Uhinoos Soft Cotton Nursing Cover (Most Budget-Friendly Nursing Cover)
  3. Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Cover (Most Stylish Nursing Cover)
  4. WeeSprout Nursing Cover (Most Multi-Functional Nursing Cover)
  5. Boppy Nursing Cover (Most Useful Features Nursing Cover)
  6. San Francisco Baby Store Nursing Cover (Most Dependable Nursing Cover)
  7. Bebe au Lait Breastfeeding Cover (Best Luxury Nursing Cover)

Top 7 Best Nursing Covers Reviewed

All Nursing Covers on this list were medically reviewed for accuracy by a pediatrician on our Editorial staff. Always consult with your wellness team to ensure the correct fitting and style best for you and your baby.

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    Best Overall

    Lucine Multi-Use Nursing Cover

    All mothers could benefit from using the Lucine multi-use breastfeeding cover. I’ve picked this choice due to its coverage area that provides you with more than enough privacy. Moreover, the lightweight and breathable blanket features an appealing poncho design.

    Key Feature: This trendy and multifaceted nursing cover can double as a diaper-changing blanket, a car seat canopy, or even as a poncho when not in use! It’s soft, lightweight, and has a wide opening to see your beautiful baby with ease.
    Our Rating:
    • One-size-fits-all for all mommies to enjoy
    • A 360 degree, wide design for full privacy
    • Multi-faceted designs as a nursing cover, car seat canopy, or as a stylish poncho when not in use
    • Peek-a-boo hole for easy viewing
    • Lightweight, portable fabric for easy transportation
    • Machine washable
    • Fit with a pocket for breast cream, pacifier, and other small nursing items
    • Fabric is said to be unbreathable, even in minimal heat

    Most Budget Friendly

    Uhinoos Soft Cotton Nursing Cover

    Affordable, adjustable, and just plain adorable, the Unihoos nursing cover matches most anyone’s budget and style! With three customizable patterns, an adjustable strap and buckle, and an open neckline for easy viewing, get you and your baby settled comfortably with our budget-friendly choice.

    Key Feature: This nursing cover is affordable and stylish, with a quirky, all-in-one design that saves your wallet and supports both you and your baby.
    Our Rating:
    • Intuitively-designed wire for easy baby view while staying discreet
    • Adjustable neck strap for customized fit
    • Lightweight design
    • Durable material that’s discreet
    • Cute design with three different pattern options
    • Lightweight design so you and your baby are comfortable
    • Multifunctional: can be used as nursing blanket and carseat cover
    • Wide-open design is fixed on a plastic ring so you can easily see your baby
    • Natural, cotton material
    • The wide opening may be too wide, allowing those who are standing to see while you’re seated
    • Some say the fabric is a bit thinner than expected

    Most Stylish

    Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Cover

    A trendy, bohemian, and budget-friendly nursing cover, the Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Cover hits the mark as a stylish and affordable pick for breastfeeding your baby. With its rich mudcloth pattern and its soft features, this could be a great pick so you can nurse with comfort and style.

    Key Feature: This 100% cotton design can transform from a swaddle to a nursing cover to a burp cloth to a tummy-time blanket in seconds, with adjustable features and a unique pattern to boot, making it our top multi-purpose nursing cover.
    Our Rating:
    • Affordable price compared to its competitors
    • Multi-functional: it can work as a nursing cover, a swaddle, a burp cloth, and a tummy-time blanket
    • 360-degree coverage for privacy
    • 100% soft cotton muslin
    • Modern, bohemian print for mommies who love to pair style with function
    • Some say the fabric isn’t warm-weather friendly, and feels hot when used in the spring and summer
    • Loop may not be as sturdy as it needs to be

    Most Multi-Functional

    WeeSprout Nursing Cover

    Watch this nursing cover grow with your baby! An 8-in-1 design, the WeeSprout gives you options: in color, and in use. Use it as a nursing cover when your baby is still breastfeeding, and use it as a high chair cover when they switch to solids.

    Key Feature: With a hands-free design, the breastfeeding function provides coverage, breathability, and a universal fit for all shapes.
    Our Rating:
    • 8-in-1 design that can be used as your baby grows
    • Soft, stretchy fabric made of Lenzing Modal (naturally extracted from beechwood trees)
    • Hands-free and full-coverage nursing design
    • Four colors to choose from: Rosemary Stitch, Grey Stripe, Vintage Black Stripe, and Dotted Rose
    • Optional neckline insert to slide into place if you’d like to view
    • Machine-washable and dryer-friendly
    • May be a tight fit for larger chest mommies

    Most Useful Features

    Boppy Nursing Cover

    Chic, thick, and feature-rich, the Boppy nursing cover could be the perfect fit, melding style with functional for a seamless and memorable nrusing experience with your little one.

    Key Feature: Fit with everything from adjustable fabric to a fractional storage method, this nursing cover customizes to you and your baby’s needs with seamlessness and ease.
    Our Rating:
    • Designated Slideline® ring made into the design helps you track which side you fed on last
    • Storage-friendly compact design folds the nursing cover into a mini pouch to fit into strollers and suitcases, and even large purses
    • Adjustable strap
    • Machine washable
    • Structured neckline helps you see your baby while nursing while staying discreet
    • Plastic bit may be too flimsy to keep its shape
    • Prone to wrinkles if you don’t iron after washing

    Most Dependable

    San Francisco Baby Store Nursing Cover

    Breastfeeding with style? San Francisco Baby Store says yes! A private fabric, strong viewing cover, and even a matching carrying case included, this nursing cover is fit to stick with you for the long term.

    Key Feature: Sometimes, you just need a nursing cover that will be there for you through when you need it the most.
    Our Rating:
    • Private, 360 degree opaque design
    • 1-year satisfaction guaranteed from manufacturer
    • Extra large breastfeeding coverage
    • Built-in bamboo burp cloth
    • Built-in pocket for cell phone, wallet or nipple pads
    • Chemical free
    • Velco back strap for easy adjusting
    • High quality plastic ring for comfortable baby viewing
    • May leave mommy and baby sweaty, especially if living in a hot and humid climate

    Best Premium/Luxury

    Bebe au Lait Breastfeeding Cover

    If you want a product that combines all your desired aspects, including premium materials, fancy designs, and breathable and lightweight fabrics, then opt for Bebe au Lait. It’s a high-quality, luxury cover that comes in a universal size.

    Key Feature: Deemed the “Cadillac model” of nursing covers by one of its owners, Bebe au Lait’s higher price tag certainly yields higher results.
    Our Rating:
    • Patented necklist is designed for airflow and easy viewing
    • Machine-washable fabric made of 100% cotton
    • Pockets for breastfeeding pads
    • Well-design cover-up for discreet public feeding
    • 7 adorable pattern styles to fit function with style
    • Higher price tag
    • Might be a more bulky fit than thinner materials

    Mother with her baby and nursing cover.

    Best Nursing Covers – a Comprehensive Buying Guide

    We’ve laid out our seven favorite nursing covers, rated at the highest stars so you can pick from the best. Now, let’s break down how you can choose the right one.

    How to Choose a Nursing Cover

    When choosing the best nursing cover you can afford, there are several aspects to remember, including the materials, size, shape, structure, portability, versatility, and more. If you want something durable, you should opt for high-quality covers made of premium materials such as Bebe au Lait.

    Choosing a nursing cover can be stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before. One type I recommend is a versatile option to wear as a shawl or scarf when you’re not feeding your infant.

    Below, I have compiled a detailed list of the most important things to consider when browsing for breastfeeding covers.

    Main Types of Nursing Covers

    Here are the main types of breastfeeding covers you should know about.

    1. Most Commonly Met and Popular – The Nursing Apron

    The nursing apron is probably the most common cover used by numerous mothers. They’re comfy and easy to put on. You can fasten them around your neck using the strap they come with. You can then feed your little one anywhere you are and still keep an eye on your infant.

    Apron covers drape over your torso; most feature structured necklines. However, consider apron covers if you want full coverage and privacy.

    • Lightweight
    •  You can put it on single-handed
    • Extra long front for coverage and privacy
    • Doesn’t fully cover your torso; your side and back will show
    • May have to wear a nursing blouse underneath for coverage

    2. Most Versatile Option – The Nursing Poncho

    Nursing ponchos feature one large piece of material that slips over your head to enable full coverage. Unlike aprons, ponchos will cover all your torso’s sides. In addition, poncho covers are easy to carry with you when you’re on the go since they can be folded and stored in your purse or pocket.

    It’s easy to put them on and take them off, representing a quick, easy, and effective solution.

    • Functional
    • Full coverage
    • Stylish options
    • Versatile in usage
    • Oftentimes designed with premium fabric
    • Generally more pricy than aprons

    3. Most Stylish Choice – The Nursing Infinity Scarf

    The most fashionable covers are nursing scarves. They come in a wide range of trendy colors and patterns. Moreover, they’re made of breathable and lightweight fabrics that won’t lead to overheating.

    On the other hand, if you want to look at your child during feeding time, there might be better options than ponchos that meet your preferences. These items cover your baby’s body and your chest but don’t allow you to keep an eye on what your infant is doing.

    • Easier to handle and hold compared to other nursing options
    • Lightweight
    • Shorter than ponchos
    • Shows skin in the front and back part
    • Sometimes less fashionable than alternatives

    4. DIY Nursing Covers

    Two mothers breastfeeding babies with blankets.

    Suppose you don’t or can’t purchase a nursing cover immediately. In that case, you could improvise for the moment and use a swaddle, a cotton scarf, or any other clean and baby-friendly piece of fabric. Then, all you have to do is tie the cloth’s ends together. That way, it will drape over your chest and your baby’s body.

    • Generally more affordable and versatile than dedicated covers
    • Items like slings are ideal for warmer climates
    • Not specifically made for nursing; involves more time and effort to place them correctly on the body
    • May be tricky to remove
    • Require button-up shirts or nursing blouses underneath

    Benefits of Using Nursing Covers

    Feeling comfortable and safe is the most important part of your breastfeeding journey, particularly when you’re adding in gadgets and accessories to elevate your nursing experience. For many mammas, this is once-in-a-lifestime experience, and while being alone with your baby is an integral part of your relationship, being able to socialize and integrate them into your life is a beautiful counterpart.

    Nursing covers ease lots of pain points that new mammas feel, like having the freedom to nurse while you’re out with friends and family while staying discreet, while allowing your baby to focus on feeding.

    Plus, with chic designs and features to choose from, personalizing your nursing experience is as easy as checking off the boxes and clicking “order.”

    Downsides of Using Nursing Covers

    While nursing covers are a great solution for many mamas, particularly explorative babies might not want to be covered from the outside world while they’re feeding, and certain covers aren’t a seamless enough design to even see your baby while they’re nursing. And while brands tout that their fabric is breathable, lots are made too thick, too tight, or both, overheating mommy and baby.

    Now, the decision to breastfeed in public is a personal choice; some mothers want to stay a bit guarded, while others are comfortable feeding in public with ease. The truth is, feeding without a nursing cover takes less time, and requires less fuss.

    Things to Look for When Buying a Nursing Cover

    Buying most any accessory for your new motherhood can be overwhelming, with lots of options to choose from. Here’s a quick breakdown of characteristics to note in your nursing cover purchase:

    Comfort level

    Design and material plays a key factor in how comfortable your nursing cover will be for you and baby. Picking one that’s large enough to cover your torso (and tight enough to offer privacy) could help avoid discomfort and overheating during feeding.

    Just like a good pair of jeans, nursing covers fit differently on different moms, and their styles vary depending on bodies and preferences.

    For some moms, an apron-style is just what they need, as it gives the torso area some breathing room, while for others, it’s too exposing. Ponchos could be the perfect cover for some, while the overly-thick material could be constricting on you and baby.


    Fabrics are a key part of nursing covers through their softness, durability, opacity, and insulation. Most mommies like opting for breathable, soft materials to promote airflow and a gentle feeding experience.


    Some will sacrifice airflow for coverage; others opt for privacy every time. No matter which one you choose, consider that there are lots of different coverages and designs to chose from. Look for words like opacity, discreet, and 360 coverage if you’re a private feeder, considering poncho designs and the like, and be on the lookout for breathable for those who prioritize coolness.


    How do you want to feel when you’re breastfeeding? Will a simple design help you stay neutral in crowds, or will a patterned design spark joy every time you look at it? You’ll probably lean more towards functional elements in your nursing covers if color and pattern are a second or third priority, and if not, having different design options to choose from can elevate your new mamma style to fit what you love.

    Functionality and maintenance

    Think about the features you’d want in your dream nursing pad. Do you like storing like things together, and know that having pockets for things like breastpads would eliminate extra clutter in your house or your purse? Do you find you use adjustability functions in other tools you use, and can you see needing it for breastfeeding, too?

    Let’s talk about maintenance. If you’re one to avoid washing clothes that need to be separated from a regular wash and dry cycle, then consider machine washability a high-priority factor in deciding the right cover for you.

    Tips for Using Nursing Covers

    1. Give your baby air and yourself a perfect view by opening the neck of your cover as much as possible during nursing sessions
    2. Measure before purchasing to avoid too-tight covers for you and your baby
    3. Find some lightweight and thin blouses to wear under your cover to prevent overheating
    4. Find a great nursing bra to complement your nursing cover to make feeding that much easier
    5. Practice latching with your baby at home before putting on the cover

    Tips on How to Wear a Breastfeeding Cover

    First, adjust the cover’s neckline to open it, placing your baby near your chest and pulling the shawl over your head.

    Next, cover your torso and your baby with the cover, adjusting the neck opening to your preferred size.

    Last, unclasp your nursing bra and start feeding.

    Alternatives to Nursing Covers

    Let’s take a look at some popular alternatives to nursing covers.

    Well-tailored nursing clothes can be made as nursing blouses, shirts, or even dresses. A trendy, comfy, customizable option, eliminating the need for a nursing cover and simply building the function into your clothes could be a great option for minimalist moms who want to travel with less, not more. Many of them are also designed to cover your chest, tummy, and back so they’re not exposed with or without your latched little one.

    Slings and wraps can be a viable alternative to nursing covers, specifically double-duty ones that let you feed while walking, working, or doing tasks around the house.

    Swim suit cover-ups lift easily, and are a great repurposing option to something you may already own, especially if you’re nursing by the water!

    Lightweight blankets can be a great alternative if you’re not too concerned about overheating. When you don’t have anything else, or don’t want to purchase something extra, try out your best breathable lightweight blanket.

    Is One Nursing Cover Enough?

    If you’re the type have one of everything, then one may just be enough. Some mammas like having two or three, both to store in different places and to recover each other when one is in the wash. Consider the amount of time that you’ll feed in public and choose based on your needs.

    What Are the Best Nursing Covers for Summer?

    I’d opt for organic cotton for a lightweight and breathable fabric, like the Uhinoos cover.
    Other great alternatives are shawls or ponchos that come with UPF protection. They should be flowy and dry quickly after washing them. Muslin apron covers are also great during hot summer days, just like the Bebe au Lait option I like so much.

    Are Feeding Covers Really Necessary?

    Unlike many other baby-related items, these are optional and not strictly necessary. However, they’ll tend to make mothers more comfortable and relaxed while nursing their infants in public. If you want something that’s multi-functional, find a nursing cover that doubles as a car seat cover, like the many mentioned above.

    Are Nursing Covers Safe?

    The majority of nursing covers available on the market are safe to use. Still, use the materials with care, especially in hot temperatures, where you or your baby could be subject to overheating.

    Final Thoughts on the Best Nursing Cover

    Bebe au Lait and Lucine are still our top pick: while Lucine’s poncho design offers multiple functionalities, Bebe au Lait convinced us with its durable fabric and boosted comfort.

    Nursing shawls and covers are essential for many new moms wanting the privacy of feeding while also enjoying time in public. With versatility, functionality, and quality all important factors, what’s best for you will always be a priority, over any ranking we can provide. Good luck finding the best nursing cover for you and baby to enjoy!

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