How We Review Products

Mom with baby in sling.

Balboa Baby is committed to ensuring that the products we review meet our high standards.

Your baby’s wellbeing and safety is paramount and your ability to seek out reliable information is equally as important.

That is why we have taken such measures to ensure that we are responsible for doing our reviews. We hold ourselves to a high standard.

What We Do

Sift through reviews by real people

We know that the power of authentic reviews by verified purchasers yields highly unbiased opinions: the good and the bad.

It is known that people with poor experiences with products seem to express their opinions the loudest.

This provides us with data that is a great tool in our research process for the products that we recommend.

Positive Review Example

Negative Review Example

Brand review

We do an extensive review of the brand of the product before giving our recommendation. We look into their history, other products, and operations that are important for assessing risk.

Evaluate information and seek approval from our team of pediatricians, nurses and accredited professionals

Before we add a product to our site, our team carefully reviews the information written by our authors and cross-references facts to ensure that accuracy on every page.

This is our quality commitment to you.

Delivery Options

What good is a product if it takes three weeks to deliver? We ensure that the product recommendations take delivery into account.

We rank companies that provide great delivery options, return policies, and lower delivery costs higher on our site.

What we won’t do

We will never allow on Balboa Baby:

Take sponsorship Fees

No matter how much we get offered from brands to feature their products higher on our site we refuse to do this. Our recommendations are honest and not influenced by these practices.

Go against pediatrician or expert advice

There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by dismissing professional care providers’ advice. We owe it to our readers to ensure fact-based information. We will never let personal beliefs or opinions sway the advice of professionals. If a pediatrician or other professional says they will not recommend a product, that product will not be on our site.

Post content that is not researched

All of our content is researched based. This means that we place a high value on accurate information and that you can rely on the information we provide.