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Baby carriers and wraps allow you to stay mobile and get things done while keeping your baby close and content. Fans of baby wraps and carriers don’t confine their use to outside the home or the store. Wearing a baby around the house may be the best way to keep them sleeping peacefully while you move around. Plus, you get to take advantage of having your hands accessible.

With so many options on the market, it’s tricky to know which style of carrier or warp is best for you, let alone which model in particular. So let’s dive deeply into baby-wearing options and how to choose the best style for you.

Then, we share our ten favorite baby-wearing options, complete with details, ratings out of ten, and the essential stats.

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

Our Best Baby Carriers and Wraps

  1. Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier (Best Baby Carrier or Sling for Parents of All Sizes)
  2. Boba X Carrier (Best Luxury Baby Carrier or Sling)
  3. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier (Most Flexible Baby Carriers or Sling)
  4. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Original Stretchy Infant Sling (Best Baby Sling for New Parents)
  5. KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier (Best Value Baby Sling)
  6. Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier (Best Value Ring Sling)
  7. Momcozy Baby Wrap Carrier Sling (Best Baby Wrap-Sling- Carrier Hybrid)
  8. Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier (Best Baby Wrap for Breast Feeding)

8 Best Carriers, Slings or Wraps for Babies Reviewed

All Carriers, Slings and wraps on this list were medically reviewed for accuracy by a pediatrician on our Editorial staff. Always consult with your wellness team to ensure the correct fitting and style best for you and your baby.

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    Best for Parents of all Sizes

    Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier

    One of the downsides to carrying your baby against the body is that it can become sweltering in warmer weather. 

    The Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier is made of an aerated pin-head-dot knit fabric, making it comfortable to wear no matter how warm the weather. In addition, the fabric actively wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you and your baby as comfortable as possible.

    Easy to adjust and wear, the carrier has just three clicks before you’re ready to go. The thick, wide waist strap remains comfortable for hours, and the adjustable straps make this an option for parents from 5” to 6” 6’ or pants size 2 to 42.

    Meanwhile, a padded headrest and neck support keep your young baby in a safe position and your older baby comfortable in both forward or backward-facing positions.

    Key Feature: Comfortable to wear in hot weather
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kg
    Maximum Weight: 25lbs or 11.3kg
    Best For: Parents of All Sizes

    Best Luxury

    Boba X Carrier

    With multiple micro-adjustments for a perfect fit, a removable, adjustable hood that can be stored within the carrier, and a sleek, zippered phone pocket, the Boba X baby carrier is full of features you won’t find anywhere else.

    The padded toddler seat extenders can be attached with velcro and zippers to create a seating area that is 53cm or almost 21inches wide. That’s enough room for the biggest toddler you may want to carry.

    The Boba exclusive micro adjusters allow you to bring your baby in tight against your body or slowly expand the pouch area to give your little one more room to wriggle. Even the hood is multipurpose! You can roll the hood and attach it with the zipper to create a pillow for extra head and neck support.

    Plus, you can wear the Boba X, so your baby is forward facing, facing your body, or on your back.

    Key Feature: Multiple micro-adjustments for a perfect fit
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kgs
    Maximum Weight: 45lbs or 20kgs
    Best For: Luxury

    Most Flexible

    Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier

    The Infanto 4-in-1 has two inward-facing positions, one for a smaller baby and one for an older child. Then there is a single forward-facing and backpack-style setting, giving you all the positions you need to go from newborn to toddler easily.

    Extra padding around the headrest provides plenty of support for your newborn's head and neck. Then, once your child is old enough to be outward facing, the padded area folds down and out, so your little one gets an excellent view of the world around them.

    The carrier has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist that also offers lumbar support, while the waist belt expands to a generous 48inches. Many users who wear XXL clothing say that this carrier is super comfortable.

    Simple to use, comfortable to wear, and easy to machine wash, this is a flexible and affordable baby carrier for indoors and out.

    Key Feature: Forward Facing and Backpack
    Minimum Weight: 8lbs or 3.6kgs
    Maximum Weight: 32lbs or 14.5kgs
    Best For: Most Flexible

    Best for New Parents

    Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – Original Stretchy Infant Sling

    Made from a combination of viscose (bamboo), French Terry Cotton, and Spandex, the Boba wrap is stretchy, lightweight, and breathable, making it an excellent choice for warmer environments. 

    The fabric is machine washable and dryer safe, so you can wash and dry your wrap in less time than it takes for a round of feed, change, and nap time! There are Boba Wrap users who have been using the same wrap for multiple children and say it still looks and performs like new. 

    Most new wrap users worry about how to tie the wrap, so they and their babies are comfortable and safe. While many instructional videos or articles are intimidating and use tricky-to-learn methods, the Boba Wrap has simple, easy-to-follow instructions that will have you confidently carry your baby in next to no time.

    You can even tie the wrap on before you leave home and finish the tie off while you’re out if making it easy to move from your vehicle and car seat to walking and wrap-carrying with little fuss.

    Key Feature: One size makes this wrap great for the first three months of parenthood
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kgs
    Maximum Weight: 35lbs or 15.8kgs
    Best For: New Parents

    Best Value Wrap

    KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

    Available in 12 color or pattern choices, the KeaBabies Baby Wrap is a fun, affordable option with awards from multiple websites, magazines, and organizations. It even comes in a cute gift box, making it a lovely baby shower gift for the parent or parents-to-be.

    The makers provide clear instructions so you can carry your little one in the wrap and breastfeed without having to take them out, reposition, or completely unwrap them before you begin. Plus - the KeaBabies is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, meaning you can be comfortable your baby is held in the optimal position for healthy hip development.

    Keababies also offers video tutorials and a comprehensive instruction manual that shows you how to use the wrap as a pregnancy support band, postpartum recovery wrap, a swaddling blanket, or a handy nursing cover.

    The downsides to this wrap are that for larger parents, you have to tie the wrap behind you rather than wrapping around and back to tie in the front. This is just as secure but can be challenging to manage alone, especially if you are new to baby wrapping.

    Also, the design and shape of the wrap mean it is not suitable for carrying your baby on your back. So, if you plan to do this, give the Keababies wrap carrier a miss.

    Key Feature: Affordable option with several patterns and color options
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kgs
    Maximum Weight: 35lbs or 15.8kgs
    Best For: Best Value

    Best Value Ring Sling

    Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier

    Made from a combination of bamboo fiber and linen, the fabric of the Nalakai Ring Sling is solid and does not stretch as your child gets older - and heavier. 

    Most designs are 180cm or 71in long, while the ombre design is a generous 190cm or 75in. This makes the Nalakai a comfortable choice for parents and caregivers of all shapes and sizes. 

    The Nalakai Ring Sling can be worn on the front, back, or hip, depending on your preferred position or your baby's age. As a bonus, the company has a thriving YouTube channel where you can learn how to wear the sling in different positions. Plus, they maintain an online community that focuses on supporting parents through the first three years.

    Key Feature: All ring slings are backed by a lifetime guarantee
    Minimum Weight: 8lbs or 3.6kgs
    Maximum Weight: 35lbs or 15.8kgs
    Best For: Best Value Adjustable Ring Sling

    Best Hybrid

    Momcozy Baby Wrap Carrier Sling

    Made for adult sizes XXS to XXL, this Momcozy option feels like a carrier/ring ling/wrap hybrid - a vibe reflected in the name “Baby Wrap Carrier Sling.” This ambiguous labeling extends to the “Four Ways to Wear” claim. Momcozy’s “four ways” are:

    • On the front - outward-facing
    • On the front - Inward facing “Hug”
    • On the front - Inward facing “Kangaroo”
    • On the front - inward-facing “side”

    So, it could be more accurate to describe the wrap as inward or outward-facing - with three inward-facing styles.

    Manufactured from a 90%cotton-10% Spandex hybrid, the fabric is soft, stretchy, and machine washable; plus, it still performed well after multiple cycles through the washer and dryer.

    We also liked how the generous fabric allowed you to carry a child up to 50lbs - an excellent option when you have a bigger-than-average baby or toddler.

    The wrap may have scored higher, but some users found the rings sat uncomfortably on their hips, and the only way to discover if this is true for you is to buy and try the wrap.

    Key Feature: Iinward or outward-facing
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kgs
    Maximum Weight: 50lbs or 22.7kgs
    Best For: Wrap-Sling- Carrier Hybrid

    Best For Breastfeeding

    Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier

    For those who like this wrap, it is an excellent, comfortable option that holds your baby close and makes it easy to breastfeed while wearing your baby. It is tricky for those who are not so keen to wrap and tie even while following the maker's instructions. However, these tying issues are not exclusive to the wrap, nor are the variances in personal likes or dislikes!

    The makers recommend you only use this baby wrap in the baby-facing-you position. So, if you want the flexibility of forward-facing or back-wearing your baby, this is not the baby wrap for you.

    Although many people carry their preemies or lighter babies in this wrap, it has only been tested for children as light as 7lbs. The manufacturer recommends that if you plan to carry a smaller baby in their wrap, for safety reasons, you should always consult your healthcare professional first.

    Also, users say that babies larger than 15 to 30lbs can find this wrap incredibly restrictive, and it should be longer for more prominent parents to use it safely or comfortably.

    Key Feature: Easy to breastfeed while wearing your baby
    Minimum Weight: 7lbs or 3.1kgs
    Maximum Weight: 35lbs or 15.8kgs
    Best For: Wrap for Breast Feeding

    Mother carrying her baby in a baby sling.

    Guide To Buying Baby Slings, Carriers and Wraps

    What’s the Difference Between a Baby Carrier and a Sling or Wrap?

    A baby carrier is a structured, padded pouch worn on your front or back. Clips or buckles secure it, and the straps can be adjusted for a better fit. Most carriers are built for newborns facing inwards, and as your little one grows, you can let your baby face outwards.

    A baby wrap is a strip of fabric that can be wrapped around the body in various ways. Wraps are tied to secure your baby in the desired position, and you can “wear” your baby facing inwards, outwards, on your back, or even in a cradled laying position. 

    The Importance of a Healthy hip position

    Hip dysplasia is when the ball at the top of your child’s thigh bone does not sit correctly within the socket in their hip. This can be as mild as a hip joint that’s more flexible than expected, as severe as a ball that does not stay within the socket at all, or anywhere in between

    Some babies are born with hip dysplasia because of the pregnancy hormones from their mothers, affecting their bodies after birth. These hormones cause the ligaments to soften and loosen so the baby can pass through the birth canal. This effect can sometimes be seen in a baby shortly after birth and will clear up quickly without intervention.

    When they are born, a baby’s hip joint is more cartilage than bone, and the bones harden over time. If your baby spends an extended amount of time with its legs hanging downwards, this can cause the hip joint to deform and cause hip dysplasia.

    To avoid this, always carry your younger baby in a carrier or wrap their legs in the “froggy” position with their knees bent and raised. This will minimize the chance of them developing any form of hip dysplasia.

    On the other hand, if your child is born with mild hip dysplasia that does not need treatment, carrying them in a “froggy” position will help their condition resolve more quickly.

    How We Selected the Best Baby Wraps and Slings

    These are the criteria we used when choosing and ranking our baby carriers and wraps:


    We began with all the top-selling carriers and wraps, plus a few lesser-known and widely available artisan products.

    Ease of Use

    First, we considered how easy the carriers and wraps are to use. This includes:

    • How easy it is to put the carrier or wrap on without help.
    • How difficult is it to get your baby into and out of the carrier or wrap without help?
    • The difficulty, or otherwise, of tying and adjusting the wrap or carrier while you are wearing it.

    Then, for individual carriers, we checked the ease of use for specific features. For example, in convertible carriers, we looked at how difficult it is to move the seat from a newborn to a toddler position. For wraps, we considered how tricky it was to follow the manufacturer-specific instructions and get a comfortable, secure wrap.

    Child Comfort

    It’s never fun carrying a squirming, fidgety, or unsettled child, so all of our carriers and wraps were assessed for how comfortable babies, through to toddlers, seemed to find them.

    Comfort was assessed by how quickly younger babies fell asleep, how fussy babies and toddlers were, and whether a parent felt their child was fidgety or uncomfortable.

    Parent Comfort

     Carriers and wraps were assessed according to how comfortable they were for a short period, over an hour, over two hours, and after taking the baby out and putting them back in (to account for activities such as driving between different locations and taking the baby in and out of the car and wrap or carrier.)

    We considered general comfort; any discomfort felt in the shoulders and any pain in the back, no matter how mild, 

    This is tested with babies over a wide weight range to give accurate, long-term-use results.

    Weight Range

    The manufacturer’s recommended weight range for each carrier or wrap is used in our ratings. In addition to the published ranges, we also consider user experiences, especially at either end of the weight range.

    Ease of Cleaning

    The longer you use a wrap or carrier, the more likely your baby will dribble, drool, spit up, throw up, or have a diaper leaking issue while you’re wearing them. 

    For this reason, we consider how quick and easy it is to wash and dry the baby wearable and how well it stands up to repeated use-wash-dry-repeat cycles.


    Some baby-wearers plan to use their wrap or carrier in just one way. However, we give higher ratings to those devices that allow you to wear your baby in a variety of ways or positions. 

    Although some wraps highlight other ways to use them, we only consider those uses if the manufacturer gives clear, simple, easy-to-follow instructions for each use.

    Medically Reviewed By:

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