How To Adjust A Baby Sling

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Having a baby is a wonderful, life-changing experience. But let’s face it: it can also be tough. One of the things that can make it tough is lugging around all of your baby gear. A baby sling can help make your life a little bit easier by giving you a way to carry your baby hands-free. Here’s how to adjust a baby sling so that it’s comfortable for both you and your little one.

How To Adjust A Baby Sling

Please note: You must refer to the instructions provided with the Baby Sling that you purchase. This is only an illustration of one style of baby sling.

Hold the Sling with the elastic trim up.

Pull the safety stopper and tail through both rings and slide to appropriate size – see “Fitting your Sling”.

Now that you have created a loop make sure that the Sling is not twisted.

Slide the safety stopper and tail back through one ring and pull the fabric through until tight.

Hold the Sling with the rings in front and the padded back strap in back.

Place one arm and your head through the loop. Wearing the Sling on your right shoulder makes it easier to use your left arm and vice versa. However, choose the side that is most comfortable for you.

Place the rings at your shoulder level where you would wear a corsage. Pull the padded back strap away from your neck so it sits slightly off your shoulder.

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